The Comedians

Lindsay Webb

Lindsay Webb has 19 years comedy experience and an award winning international act. He has been involved in festivals, theatres, corporate and clubs. He is a frequent podcast guest at "FOFOP", "The Dollop" and "I Love Green Guide Letters" and hosts his own, "Whats Your Name What Do Yo Do" (available on iTunes).

Matt Ford

Matt started in stand up comedy when he won the 'Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010 Class Clowns Competition' in his last year of high school. He has since performed in multiple shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and was part of MICF's prestigious 'Comedy Zone' in 2015. Since 2016 Matt has toured with the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars performing sold out shows.

Nick Carr

Despite having only been doing standup for 8 months, Nick was a state finalist in this year’s RAW Comedy competition. He once supported Kinne live, hosted a strip-club’s 3rd birthday and performed at the Koh Samui International Podcast Festival Gala, but not all at the same time. He’s a familiar face on Brisbane’s stand up scene, performing regularly at the Sit Down Comedy Club, and brings a passion about comedy that he’s more than willing to share with the world.

Shayne Hunter

Shayne Hunter started comedy in mid 2007. In 2010 he was selected for the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival Comedy Zone. From 2010 to 2013 Shayne toured every capital city, constantly sharpening his stand up skills on the road. In 2016 Shayne started nationally touring the comedy club circuit. He's a hilarious act who's quick to shine light on the hypocrisy of others to get you laughing.

Stephaine Tisdale

Stephanie Tisdell is a rising star in the comedy scene. In 2014, she was crowned the “funniest Aboriginal woman in Australia” and won the Deadly Funny Competition at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Following this, she moved to Scotland, performing regularly throughout the UK and was a regular at the famous Stand Comedy Club. In her time, she added more notches to her comedy belt as a Semi-Finalist in the coveted So You Think You’re Funny competition at the Edinburgh Fringe and was a runner-up in the Hilarity Bites Best Newcomer Competition. Upon her relocation back to Australia, she toured as the opener for sellout show ‘Scottish Comedian of the Year’ at the Adelaide Festival, featuring on bills alongside some of Australia’s most beloved comedians in shows such as SetList and Phatcave. In April she performed as part of the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars showcase and will be touring the country later throughout the year. “F***ing sensational” – Julia Wilson, 2017.

TJ McKay

Ask any of the more senior members of Tim Bradford's family and friends they will tell you that when he was born he came out making people laugh. TJ McKay is just one of the many alter egos that come out of Tim's head from time to time. Tim describes TJ as funnier, bolder, and way better with the ladies than he could ever be. He suggests that TJ has magical powers and that he also feels no pain, so when Tim gets his body back when TJ has finished with it... it is generally in worse shape than when he loaned it out in the first place. Tim's comedy career took a back seat to his business interests for many years, yet it was always bubbling and brewing away in the background. There is nothing like the pain of loss and mental health issues that leads you into the care of a mental health professional who then encourages you to do something bold as part of your therapy to get you to give stand up comedy a go. Writing and performing comedy has been a cathartic process for Tim and nothing is as healing like laughter... especially if you are generating laughter for a big roomful of people you don't know yet! Make sure you take the laughs while TJ McKay or one of several other alter egos has hold of Tim's body... because once they've finished with it, Tim is definitely going to need a good lie down.