The Cause

Depression and Anxiety

3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. The exact cause is unknown, though it is usually a result from a mixture of recent events and long term/personal factors. This can range from family history, personality, medical illnesses, or drug and alcohol use. Without help, Australians suffering can develop harmful practices such as self harm or substance abuse, or contemplate suicide. Unforunately, many people feel unable to openly talk about their problems and everyday misconceptions seclude an already isolated victim. It is because of this reality that support networks are so vital for recovery and to create healthier environments.


Hope. Recovery. Resilience.

beyondblue works to raise awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide prevention, reduce the stigma surrounding these issues, and to encourage people to seek support when they need it. Through their 24/7 hotline, daily online chat rooms, community and school events, beyondblue breaks the silence and does more than just give people someone to talk to: they build a supportive community focused on hope, recovery and resilience.