The Comedians

Who are they?

We've got a great list of people who think they're funny. Click here to learn more about them!

The Towns

What is unique about these Australian towns?

From famous races, hippie capitals or throwing eggs at prime ministers, these are the stories of unique outback towns.

The Cause

Why do we care?

It is not all fun and games, well, at least not outside the tour. We have chose to support beyondblue to help Aussies doing it tough.

So what's this all about?

The Wander Beyond Blue Yonder is an eight day rural comedy tour visiting towns around the Queensland-New South Wales border. They hope to do more than have a laugh, they wish to shine light on the issues of rural Australia and help the lives of Australians suffering depression and anxiety.

We proudly support beyondblue in their efforts to build 'Hope, Recovery and Resilience'. They are a non-profit organisation working closely with Federal and State governments, communities and schools, businesses and individuals to promote mentally healthy environments across Australia.

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